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Anyone who wants to buy quality porcelain should remember a few simple tips and tricks. If you like Czech porcelain — very good, this porcelain has always been renowned for its quality and durability. It is not difficult to buy Czech-made porcelain in Moscow today, just search. Take any item out of the porcelain tea set and you will immediately feel the quality.
In the Bohemia store at  you can buy Czech crystal tea sets for 6 persons. All the details of the service, cups, saucers, sugar bowl and teapot are blown by hand and also polished by craftsmen.

Obviously, when choosing utensils for tea drinking, one should pay attention not only to decoration, but also to ergonomics. Before buying, I checked several options offered by masters in the Czech Republic, and noticed the convenience of a teapot. Their handle does not heat up due to the well-thought-out shape, the protrusion on the lid prevents it from falling, and the size of the spout prevents tea leaves from entering the drink without interfering with the amber liquid spillage. The overall design has clear lines, and the curvature of the spout also makes it easy to refill the cup without spilling tea leaves on the tablecloth. I am very happy with the size of the container, because the kettle is too bulky to be considered a disadvantage: the leaves inside are too hot and the drink loses its aroma.

The service is tailored for the intended purpose: suitable for family dinners, friendly teas or corporate meetings.

The most common sets are divided by purpose:

  • Table service. It includes appetizers, first and second courses. All items have the same configuration, color or pattern;
  • For tea drinking you need a tea set. Cups and teapots are basic necessities, and there may be milk jugs, jam sockets, lemon tongs, and other items.
  • The coffee service is for serving coffee. The dishes are similar to a teahouse, but small in size;
  • Show dessert set for serving sweets. The best combination is a dessert plate. The extended set includes dishes and cake trays, vases for fruits and sweets, ice cream racks;
  • Breakfast is a standard set of dishes. Place food on the table according to the breakfast menu;
  • The children’s table service is assembled from smaller crockery, decorated in bright colors and decorated with original drawings.

Table decoration for corporate events is not allocated in a separate direction, it is formed in accordance with the place and form of the event. The amount of tableware used for corporate events differs from the classic set.


First, add a set meal depending on the number of people on the table: 2, 4, 6 or 12 people. 19 costumes were made. This means that the kit also includes other elements of the communal table: a salt shaker, a pepper shaker, a gravy boat.

The number of positions can exceed 50 pieces. Other equipment depends on the type of service.

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